We have made this site as simple and transparent as possible, so that when you purchase an A-La-Carte Package you know exactly what you are getting and precisely how much you will pay. We encourage you to shop around for comparable services because we believe we offer the best value of any For Sale By Owner Service.

Use the questions and answers below to compare our service with what our competitors offer.

What if I want to switch to a traditional full service contract?

That’s not a problem, In fact, as long as you list with Innovative Real Estate, we will credit any fees you have paid against our low full service MLS® fee. You can change your listing at any time and gain the advantage of Innovative Real Estate’s marketing and brokerage expertise.

How do I proceed if a Buyer’s Agent wants to show my house?

You just sign a “Fee Agreement” before the REALTOR® shows your property. If that agent is responsible for the sale you pay their Broker the agreed upon fee on closing. You pay nothing to A-La-Carte-RealEstate.ca for this transaction. And, if you make the sale yourself, without the participation of an agent you pay nothing beyond what you have already paid for your listing and any other options.

Will agents show my property?

Yes, if you want them to show it. By simply posting a reasonable selling commission – Innovative Real Estate pays a selling commission of between 2% and 2.5% on Full Service listings – and putting your contact information on MLS® you are expressing your willingness to cooperate with buyers’ agents. Some FSBO services recommend posting a $ 1 commission and negotiating each time an agent shows up. We think that is not only a disagreeable task to repeat over and over again, but is also counterproductive. State up front what you are willing to pay and avoid the hassle of negotiating with an agent who may or may not sell your house. We must stress that the amount of commission you pay is totally up to you and if you wish to offer $ 1 that is entirely your decision.

Will all the pictures I purchase be on all sites?

Yes. Some For Sale By Owner services post fewer pictures on MLS®, REALTOR.ca ® and Viewpoint.ca than on their own site, so ask the question, because pictures are very important. We post all of your pictures on all four sites.

How much does it cost to cancel my listing?

You can cancel your listing at any time and there is no charge to cancel. A cancellation charge can be one of the “hidden costs” with some of our competitors.

How much does it cost to make changes in my listing?

There is no charge to make reasonable changes from time to time on your listing.

Whose phone number is on my lawn sign?

Yours or any other number you request.

How long does it take to get my lawn sign?

In most cases, your sign will be professionally installed within three business days.

Does my contact information appear on these sites?

Yes, on MLS® and InnovativeRealEstate.ca. Because of MLS® rules, we cannot put your contact information on REALTOR.ca or Viewpoint.ca. However, listings on those sites will direct buyers to our site containing your information.

How long will it take to get listed?

Your listing will be up and running within three to four business days of placing your order.

Is there an extra fee for an MLS® listing?

No, because both of our listing packages start with MLS® and you add any other services you require to one of those two packages.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. All additional products and services and their costs are listed on this site. You pay only for what you require.

How much is a simple MLS® listing?

$495. If MLS® is all you want, that’s all you pay.