How Can I Sell My Own House on MLS?

Most homeowners know that to sell their home quickly they need it listed on the Nova Scotia MLS® system. It’s on and MLS® that the majority of buyers go looking for homes. In Nova Scotia specifically there’s also, but pulls it’s data from the local Nova Scotia MLS® system. If you’re on the MLS you’re going to be listed.

You can post your home for sale on Kijiji and other classified websites, however you’re not going to achieve the same exposure that you would on and MLS®.

So how can you get your own home listed on MLS and sell it without having to hire a real estate agent and pay 4 to 5% commission?

There is a way, and it’s known as a Mere Posting.

What’s a Mere Posting?

A Mere Posting, sometimes called a Mere Listing, is a type of posting on regional MLS® systems. They occur when a broker agrees to post a homeowners property for sale but to not provide any other real estate services. This is what’s known as For Sale By Owner on MLS. Your property is listed on for buyers to find but the brokerage/agent who processes the listing is not responsible for showing the property or handling any other real estate services on your behalf.

Showing your property, handling calls and emails about your home as well as accepting or declining offers is your responsibility. The upside is you pay only one flat fee to get your property listed on the local MLS system and reserve your right to sell it to whomever you wish.

Finding a Brokerage that offers Mere postings

Not every real estate office is going to provide a Mere Posting. Why? Because it cuts into their full service real estate business. You need to find a forward thinking office that can understand some people want to sell on their own and others want full service.

This is exactly what A La Carte Real Estate is. Our parent company, Innovative Real Estate, is a full-service real estate brokerage that offers mere postings to homeowners who want to try and sell themselves.

There are brokerages in most provinces across Canada will to provide a similar service, you just need to search for them.

Beware of FSBO services that appear to offer Mere Postings

There are several for sale by owner websites in Canada claiming to offer you access to MLS® and The majority of these services are partnered behind the scenes with an actual real estate brokerage who is providing the listing service. If all you want is to get on MLS in your local area then you could be better off saving a few bucks and going right to the brokerage offering the mere posting service.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can sell your own home on MLS in Nova Scotia for a flat fee give us a call today to learn more today, or order online and get started for as low as $495.00.

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